***IMPORTANT*** WGS is closed for registration until further notice!!! Go to www.demetranyx.com to stay updated on what else I'm doing <3

Witches Get Strong is an online program teaching women how to lift weights and experience more pleasure in their bodies. 



custom videos

Get videos I've made showing you how to do each lift, plus the ability to ask me to make a video at any time explaining to you how to do something more clearly if it's not making sense.

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personal feedback

Post videos of your lifts in the private Facebook group and get thorough, personalized feedback and support from me about your form and how to adjust your programming as needed.  


detailed pdfs

 Multiple, beautiful PDFs explaining exactly how to do the program and how to adjust it in the future, including sections on emotional resistance and even how to handle gym bros. 

  • Highly detailed PDFs explaining every step of the way
  • Custom training videos showing how to do each lift
  • Access to a private Facebook group, connecting you with other incredible women doing the same thing
  • An accountability partner (if you want one)
  • Individualized feedback about your form - just upload videos to our group and I'll comment, keeping you safe and growing stronger every week
  • The ability to ask me questions at any time

You'll receive my personal coaching for 3 months - but you'll have access to all phases of the program and can continue it forever. The time commitment is an hour in the gym, 3x a week.

It’s personalized. I coach you while also showing you how to coach yourselves. I interact with the group constantly, checking form and giving advice.

I don’t think anything else exists like it. I teach lifting from a place of empowerment. And I mainly teach it to women who typically feel uncomfortable in the gym. 

This doesn’t mean the workout is easy, or not effective. The program includes lifting heavy weights. It teaches you how to do things that are hard. It teaches you true confidence in your body. It teaches you how to be in your body. It gives you an experience of pleasure in your body and in what it can do. 

I think that doing any type of exercise in a quest to look better is futile. It puts us on a path of endless dissatisfaction, of punishing, of feeling “bad,” of wanting. 

And I don’t like that. 

I want you to eat all the food, to take up all the space, to love your body so much, and to be super strong. I want you to be capable of living your life to its fullest - and longest. 

Witches Get Strong is for you if...

... You struggle with your body image

... You’ve been dieting and exercising for a long time, and nothing seems to work

... You’ve never been in the gym before in your life

... You’re comfortable in the gym, but want to get much stronger

... You want the benefits of a personal trainer - but on your own, flexible schedule

... You don’t feel like you “fit” in the typical gym environment

... You're just a badass femme who wants to know how to get the strongest you can as efficiently as possible


Strength is for everyone. Witches Get Strong aims to bring strength and body confidence to magical powerful people who don’t enjoy traditional gym culture.


Women doing the program report feeling:


~ More confident, both in themselves and in their bodies

~ Physically stronger, with more muscle definition

~ An ease in the way they move about the world

~ A deep sense of accomplishment

~ Less chronic pain

~ Better able to physically and emotionally support themselves

You deserve these things too.


Overall my energy levels have increased, anxiety and depression lowered, my sleep quality has improved, and my overall sense of confidence is at an all-time high. My appetite has increased, I am hungry all the time now (which I take as a win, because my chronic illnesses sometimes suppress a desire to eat). For the first time in my life, I am starting to see muscle definition in my arms and back.
— Jessica T.
So many women are intimidated by regular exercise programs, and I love the safe environment of no body shame or feeling self-conscious that you have cultivated.
— Karen A.
Celebrating that at the two month mark of this program, I doubled my squat weight and could have deadlifted my diet-obsessed self.
— Kirsten L.
I can already tell how much has changed - least of all physically, much more important than that is how my attitude to working out changed, how my opinion and view of my own body changed, and how differently I feel...
— Natalie G.
I can now tilt a big pot of food with my left arm which wasn’t possible before LOL! weak weak lefty. It might seem like a small victory but it just means so much to me to see my strength grow in every day life and it literally transforms the way I move across this beautiful earth. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH DEMETRA ❤ ❤
— Lua F.
After 10 years of yo-yo dieting, this program changed everything for me.
For the first time in my life, I am not exercising to lose weight - I am exercising because I can. Because I want to feel my body and what it is capable of. Because I enjoy seeing the progress - not in what my body looks like, but what my body can accomplish. I am not stepping on the scale often - but when I do, I am happy with whatever it shows, because when it went up, I see it as muscle gains, and if I lost, I see it as fat loss. I don’t even care what it says actually. I am not even doing the workouts because I want to change what I look like. I honestly don’t think thats enough of a motivation to make long- term, sustainable changes. I am doing the workouts because it is amazing to feel my strength and how it grows, and to witness the effects that has on me. I feel more powerful of course, but also more balanced. I feel more confident, not because I am stronger, but because my posture improved so much. And I am so motivated to continue and make it a priority because of all the small wins. And yes, lastly also because after only six weeks I can already see the change in my body. I have muscles I never had before, and it is amazing.
— Natalie G.